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Kitchen Remodel Salt Lake City doesn’t just design kitchens: We help you envision the possibilities and then turn those plans into reality. With in-depth industry knowledge, exceptional creativity, and unmatched experience, we can create any dream kitchen.

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Professional Kitchen Designing Service In Utah

With the kitchen being the heart of your home, your kitchen design in Salt Lake City needs to reflect your personality and lifestyle. Whether you are happily retired, enjoying the single life, or have a large family with several kids, your kitchen design should express your style and cater to your needs. As a leading kitchen remodeling company in Salt Lake City, Utah, we have the expertise and skills to transform your kitchen. Our designers are committed to bringing out the best in every house, and yours is not an exception. We can help you add beauty and value to your home while improving your kitchen’s functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. From designing new cabinets to creating new shelves, we will take care of every aspect of your remodel project.

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Why Custom Kitchen Designs Are Popular in Salt Lake City

There is nothing more important than designing a kitchen that suits your needs. At Kitchen Remodel Salt Lake City, designing custom kitchens is our specialty. We believe that custom kitchens have numerous benefits for homeowners and are a valuable investment. If you want to get the best out of your next kitchen remodel, consider partnering with our expert kitchen designers in Salt Lake City to ensure exceptional results.

When Utah homeowners decide to redesign their kitchens, most of them prefer custom plans, and we can understand why. Below are just a few of the benefits homeowners can experience with custom designs:


Match Your Kitchen Style

A custom kitchen design can make a bold statement and have a strong impact on the overall style of your home. When designing a custom kitchen, we allow our clients to choose the material, color, and style of the cabinets, appliances, and additional features to turn your kitchen from ordinary to outstanding.


Build to Fit The Space

One of the greatest benefits of custom kitchens is that you can build to fit the design and layout in exact dimensions. Once we measure the space, we will provide you with multiple kitchen design options that align with your current interior style, so your new kitchen will blend in with the rest of your home.


Personalized Storage Solutions

When planning your new kitchen, we will suggest the best storage solutions for your space. Our designers will develop the best solutions to personalize your storage cabinets to accommodate more appliances and eliminate clutter. Rest assured that we will take advantage of every inch in your kitchen.


Long-Lasting and Durable

Our designs are built to last. At Kitchen Remodel Salt Lake City, we use only high-quality materials from reputable brands to create long-lasting kitchen cabinets and add value to your home. As the #1 company for kitchen design in Salt Lake City, Utah, people trust us with their remodeling projects, knowing we use the most durable elements.

The Best Kitchen Designers Salt Lake City Has to Offer

We design with clients in mind. Our kitchen designers in Salt Lake City take your ideas and visions and transform them into 3-D drawings to help you envision your new space.

Our Design Process

The design process is a creative time spent together with our clients. During the process, we discuss several options we can implement, suggestions that can improve the room’s functionality, and solutions that can make the kitchen space seem brighter and more prominent.

It is an essential step in the remodeling process that allows us to determine your future kitchen’s overall look. We listen closely to your requirements and needs and work closely with you to craft your custom kitchen design in Salt Lake City.

Our design process revolves around determining your:

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Hardware
  • Home essentials


Kitchen cabinetry reflects your personality and lifestyle. Our cabinetry designs will match your decor taste and budget without compromising quality or comfort.

At Kitchen Remodel Salt Lake City, we are proud to offer products from well-known cabinet manufacturers and brands. We look forward to meeting all of your kitchen design needs with exceptional products and precise installation.

Whether you are into a traditional, Scandinavian, or contemporary style, our kitchen designers from Salt Lake City, UT will provide you with the ideal cabinets to match your beautiful home.


Countertops are the focal point in kitchens. To enjoy a stylish and functional kitchen, you must have countertops that combine durability with aesthetics. At Kitchen Remodel Salt Lake City, we offer various counter options for every kitchen size and budget.

Selecting the type of countertops is more important than choosing the color and style. If you aren’t sure about which countertops suit your kitchen design in Salt Lake City, our experts will help you decide. After you select the material, you can pick the color and style. It is an opportunity to be creative and turn your average kitchen into a unique masterpiece.

Decorative Hardware

Your cabinet hardware needs to be both appealing and functional. Selecting the appropriate decorative hardware can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your kitchen space.

At Kitchen Remodel Salt Lake City, we separate hardware into three categories:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Transitional

The traditional style includes a classic design shaped by historic architecture. It suits both small and large kitchens and goes well with almost any interior decor style. The contemporary design is less ornate and has sharp lines that create a sleek look. It is rising in popularity, and Utah homeowners love it because it gives kitchens a unique and bold appearance.

The transitional style is perfect for those who want to mix traditional with modern. We can suggest a few different options based on your needs and budget.

Home Essentials

When talking about kitchen design in Salt Lake City, we are always upfront with our clients regarding details, accessories, and additional essentials, which can make or break the final result. We believe that honest and professional communication goes a long way towards understanding clients’ requirements and helping them make the right choice.

Sometimes, the smallest details can set your kitchen apart. At Kitchen Remodel Salt Lake City, we help our clients choose the right decorations, appliances, lighting, tiles, and plumbing fixtures to implement the finishing touch on your dream kitchen.

Our company collaborates with some of the country’s best distributors to make all the home essentials tie your kitchen together.

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Kitchen Replace or Reface?

When it comes to kitchen renovations or redesigning projects, many Salt Lake City homeowners want to save money without compromising the room’s look or functionality. Some of the options we offer to our clients are kitchen refacing or replacing.

Instead of a complete redesign of your Utah kitchen, we can reface your cabinets or replace the cabinet doors. It is an excellent option for those who have well-built cabinets but want to update their look.

Our kitchen designers will inspect your kitchen and craft a plan that involves your existing cabinets, making small changes in material and color to give your kitchen an updated look.

We work closely with local homeowners to come up with cost-effective solutions, including:

  • Painting the existing cabinets
  • Adding new hardware
  • Removing less functional cabinets and replace them with custom-made drawers or shelves
  • Changing cabinets’ doors or frames
  • Replacing cabinetry material

The changes will give your kitchen a fresh look while optimizing the room’s function and space. The goal is to install your dream kitchen by utilizing the existing space and staying within your budget. From a cost-effective reface to costly cabinet restoration, there are many solutions; before you decide anything, make sure to consult with our kitchen designers.

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For more information on our design solutions, visit our online gallery. We include custom designs, ranging from contemporary to traditional, with the flexibility to fit in any home environment. Whatever your requests are for your kitchen, let our team of licensed and certified designers help.

The entire Kitchen Remodel Salt Lake City team focuses on designing kitchens that use top-of-the-line materials and premium elements. We partner with the best suppliers in the manufacturing industry to ensure the longevity of your custom kitchen. Please contact us at (385) 284-2586 to book your free consultation for kitchen design in Salt Lake City, UT, and we’ll provide you the details you need to transform your kitchen today.


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